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(they) trying to PROTECT their Right to be FREE

Mariana hat mir die Erlaubnis gegeben, diesen Brief an Martin Callanan (Mitglied des Europäischen Parlaments) zu veröffentlichen:

Dear Mister Callanan,

My name is Mariana Sadovska, I am musician, composer and singer from Ukraine. Sicne 15 years i live with my family on Cologne, Germany

But last month, all my thoughts, everything I am doing is in Ukraine. For Ukraine.

This is not true, that over there terrorist and extremists are fighting agains peaceful police. And you know it.
In this Moment- from Lviv to Charkiv , from Odessa do Donezk -my family, my dear friends, my colleges and my audience is trying to PROTECT their Right to be FREE. To be Human! To live in a free and democratic Country….

You know all this, I do not have to repeat…in between people who died are musicians, artist, scientist, journalist…young and old. From west and east of Ukraine.

Please, do not look back. Please do not leave us alone.

I know, how complicated politic is…but,please, if for the simple WIsh to be Free and Human , people are killed in Ukraine now in this minute! If you will not stop it, how you want to protect this Value tomorrow in Germany?Poland? France?

With all respect and hope,
Mariana Sadovska